What I’m up to

Founder Economy of Good

Chartered as a Sustainable Investing and Finance Professional (CSIF), DVFA Academy

Finance Specialist at Volans

Advisor, Money Movers

Panelist for Good Egg Mark, Good with Money

Studying Regenerative Economics, Capital Institute

Past roles

Director of Good Money Week

Director of Campaigns at UKSIF (UK Sustainable Investment and Finance Association)

Hello! I’m Charlene

I am a Chartered Sustainable investing and Finance Professional (CSIF) that has worked in sustainable, ethical and impact finance for the last decade.

And, oof, have I learned a lot!

I didn’t know much about saving and investing when I started. I just knew that greedy banks and fund managers were causing major problems for ordinary, hardworking people and the environment. Thats why I started in the industry. To change that.

Now I know SO MUCH MORE about why we should all save and invest and, if we pick the right options, how we can change finance and the world.

And how you can grow clean, green and kind money even if you don’t have a lot to start with.

Why? To end dirty finance and to see more money go to kind companies and in to the pockets of those with less. Particularly women, people of colour and those on lower incomes.

So, if you are are here because you care about growing your money while powering up your ethical and sustainable values and lifestyle… boom. You are in the right place.

Start here and see how else I can help you here.

Remember: I can guide and educate you but I can’t advise you what to do with your hard-earned money. It looks like this…

Guidance: “here is a list of investment platforms, how they have been rated on ethics and what the minimum starter amounts are.”

Advice: “Put all your savings into platform X.”

🙂 I’m so excited you are here thinking about your money and how to master it in a loving, harm-free way. You rock!

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*good = money that cares for people, planet and pockets.