Banks are the biggest source of shiny new cash for fossil fuel companies and other industries messing up the planet and making our world miserable.

A powerful way to stop companies being jerks (to put it mildly) is for banks to stop giving them new loans to grow their business.

Do you want your bank lending your money to dirty companies?

Me neither. So check out some ethical banks that are part of the Economy of Good. Then consider a switch. Its super easy these days.

I’ve been speaking to some of the good guys and gals to find out what makes them ethical. And what makes them a great bank in general.

Did I miss anything? Let me know and I’ll make sure your questions are answered in a future video.

Triodos Bank

Whitni Thomas, Investor Relations & Crowdfunding at Triodos Bank, joins me to chat about what makes an ethical bank worth the switch, which companies they would never lend money to, how you can profit £££ from companies doing good in the world & much more.

Triodos Bank (bitesize)

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