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When YOU invest, the world wins too

Hello lovely human. Welcome to the economy of good.

The ‘economy of good’ is one that is in service to the flourishing of life. Where people and organisations feel joyful and part of a community, where thriving nature and human wellbeing is key to prosperity, where all of society is grounded in love and kindness.

This is your vision too. And I know you are already doing your bit. But did you know our finances have the biggest impact of all?

Just greening your pension is 21x more effective at reducing your carbon footprint than giving up flying, going veggie and switching energy provider combined

I’ll help you to align your finances with the economy of good and grow your money. Because your financial independence is important for a better world too. Want to learn more? I’ve got you!



You can also explore investment platforms, banks and pensions to see what some ethical and sustainable options look like. Or my articles covering sustainable finance topics.

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I hope we can build a beautiful ethical money movement together.


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Remember: I can help educate and guide but can’t give professional financial advice. Keep researching and speak to a financial adviser about your specific situation if you need to. You can find some advisers who understand sustainable money here (but still ask lots of questions to make sure they genuinely value the same things as you).