Investment platforms

The two questions I’m asked the most about investing ethically are …

(1) Where do I start?

(2) How do I know who is actually ‘good’ and not full of greenwash?

The easiest place to consider starting is with an online investment platform. Mainly because of the low minimum starter amounts of £1-£50. But they are all different. So it gets confusing. Some are huge, some are just starting out. Some are entirely committed to positive impact, others give you an unsustainable and sustainable option and let you decide. And so on.

To help you find and decide on a platform or platforms, I had a coffee with the good folk behind some well known (and maybe some less well known) platforms to find out what makes them ethical, how they prove it, what they think of greenwashing and more.

Each chat is about 20 mins and I ask them all roughly the same questions to make it easier for you to compare.

Did I miss anything? Let me know and I’ll make sure your questions are answered in a future video.

Big Exchange

The Big Exchange, co-founded by The Big Issue, is an online marketplace offering access to 40 funds that create positive social and environmental impact run by top fund managers. Min. monthly investment is £25.


Ethex helps everyday people make ethical investments that fund extraordinary organisations. They list investment opportunities from pioneering grassroots community organisations to social purpose businesses. Min. one off investment is £50.

Hargreaves Lansdown

Hargreaves Lansdown have been going for 40 years and are huge! See how they are responding to recent demand for more sustainable options.


PensionBee is a popular online pension provider offering nine different plans including a Future World and Fossil Fuel Free plan for sustainable customers. There is no min contribution so you can save as often or as little as you like.


Nutmeg’s mission is to empower nations of investors to achieve their financial goals. They have 10 socially responsible options. No min amount for monthly contributions.


CIRCA5000 (previously tickr) is a super simple app that lets you invest in companies making a positive impact, and offset your carbon footprint. They also have a pension! Impact investing in companies of the (a better) future is the only type of investing they offer. Minimum investment is £5.


This awesome new platform is for activists. You can buy a share in a bad company and use your rights as an owner to influence their change. Like ending pollution, paying fair wages and all sorts of cool campaigns. You can suggest campaigns or support existing ones too.