To stop climate change, green pensions are 21x more powerful than quitting flying, quitting meat and switching to a renewable energy provider COMBINED.

So, to ramp up your green, clean and kind lifestyle, your pension is a GREAT place to start.

Many of the big pension providers have green, clean and kind options for you to choose from. But it isn’t always easy or wise to switch. Sometimes you have to demand your current pension provider acts on its harmful investments. Check out Make Your Money Matter who help make this super easy to do for you.

I talk to pension funds to find out what ‘good’ looks like, how ethical you can be, and what kind of retirement you can expect when you choose a clean, green and kind pension.

Did I miss anything? Let me know and I’ll make sure your questions are answered in a future video.

NEST (part one)

NEST looks after £19 billion worth of pension money on behalf of over 10 million savers. So, if you have a pension, there is 1 in 3 chance it is with NEST.

Here is part 1 of 3 which starts with the basics of opening a NEST pension.

NEST (part two)

What can pensions do to be clean, green and kind (and how do they prove it?). Part 2 of 3.

NEST (part three)

Ethical pension performance (£££) and how to spot greenwash. Part 3 of 3.

Scottish Widows

Scottish Widows is a well known pension provider I think are doing some REALLY COOL stuff to make sure they don’t use your savings to profit from horrendous issues like climate change and inequality. Check em out to see what good looks like 🙂


PensionBee is a popular online pension provider offering nine different plans including a Future World and Fossil Fuel Free plan for sustainable customers. There is no min contribution so you can save as often or as little as you like.

Scottish Widows

Pensions have the power to influence change at the companies they invest in. Very useful when companies are acting like douchebags. But it isn’t always easy. Here is some insight into how it works from someone who used to work for a campaigning NGO, before joining a pension to influence change as a big shareholder of companies.

Find out how to ensure your pension is ethical with Good With Money’s Good Guide to Pensions.

And my Ethical Consumer article 7 ways to wield your mighty pension-saver powers