Want to learn everything there is to know about clean, green and kind money options? What about growing your money while at the same time reconnecting to your love for people and our incredible planet?

Lunch and Learn
An hour talking to your team about ‘good money’ and what its all about.

Half to full day workshop with your team or network.

A solo presentation individually or as part of a panel.

2-3 days out of the city taking some well earned time to focus on making our money ‘good’ money. (and having fun/relaxing!)

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Content partnership
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One to one guidance
Got a bunch of questions or concerns and just need a one-to one-chat? I’m ready.

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Remember: I can open you up to all the possibilities for growing and protecting your money while staying true to your values. But I can’t advise you how to achieve your unique financial goals in your specific circumstances. Luckily, a financial adviser can. Here is a useful directory in case you’d like to find one.